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Artist's rendering - Melanie has the curly hair right, but I NEVER wore a I Love Disco button. After all, as New York's Number 1 mobile DJ, (I can say that now that I'm in retirement) I had no need to promote myself.  

I am so pleased and flattered to have my very own trading card that I don't feel the need to insist upon 100% historical accuracy. For those of you interested in WFMU trivia, the first "Disco" song played on the station was a Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder composition called "Lucky" The song's presence on a Donna Summer album technically makes it a Disco song, but in reality it was a rather cool electronic piece, with a sort of 'squashed' synthesized rhythm track and some some smooth and lovely singing by the "Voice of Disco". (Gloria Gaynor DID get the ONLY grammy ever presented for Disco vocals, so I'll let her keep her claim to being Queen of Disco. Larry Ozone says: "Donna Summer" was THE singer. I won't listen to any other claims. I was there.")



Privately, the late, great, Frank O'Toole (one of the legendary voices of WFMU) quietly confessed to me that he had played a Trampps song some months before, BUT there is no evidence to support this claim. Whereas I taped almost all of my great and important shows.